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M06 Tool change

Function: Halt for tool change


M06 T1 ; Stops with a prompts for change to tool 1

       ; and changes to the tool 1 coordinate offset



This is essentially the same as M00, but with a prompt to tell the user which tool is being requested. Registered users may program their own, more sophisticated routines for automated tool changes here[/b].

The T word is required with M06. It may also be placed on any program line to change the tool offset without pausing the program.

If the tool turret index line is enabled, M06 will not prompt the user, but activate the turret index line briefly instead. The default time period is two seconds, the maximum period is 120 seconds.

The delay period for the turret index line is set in the ini file or the configuration menu under the General heading.

Comments included in the block containing M06 are displayed within the prompt that is raised. A vertical bar, '|' can be used to force a new line. This feature is a convenient method of presenting instructions to the machinist at runtime.

How I solved the Tool Offset Problem

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